Autumn & COVID-19 Handbag Must Haves

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It's a very strange time with everything that is happening at the moment but I thought I would share what's in my handbag this Autumn as well as some of my must-haves during the pandemic. Essex is currently in tier two so the only place I'm really going is to work and this is all I need. Autumn & COVID-19 Handbag Must Haves I have always carried small crossbody bags so there isn't much I can actually fit in my handbags. But currently, I have mine loaded up! I always have my iPhone and some headphones in my bag as at work I like to listen to something. I will always be listening to a podcast or an audiobook but recently I have been loving BLACKPINK's new album and have been playing it on repeat! As my handbag is small, I don't carry a full-size purse as it takes up too much room so I have a cardholder. My current one is from Kate Spade and they are one of my favourite accessory brands. This cardholder has a keyring holder on it which is so handy. My favourite keyring is my Funko Pop Belle, I love the Funko company! 

Speaking of keys, I always have my work keys and fobs, very boring I know but a must-have. Now for the COVID19 essentials, I have been wearing a reusable face mask/covering when I walk home from work. I always keep a few in my bag as you never know if someone has forgotten one and I like to have options. I'm currently switching between a Halloween themed one and a Friends one. I have been experiencing the mask acne which is not fun but I have found that washing my face masks with my face wash is helping. 

For beauty products, I obviously don't need any lip products as nobody sees my lips anymore but I like to use the Glossier Berry Balm Dotcom. This gives the lips a sheer wash of colour that's perfect for Autumn and keeps them smooth and hydrated. The only other makeup product I keep in my handbag is Boy Brow. I like to make sure my brows stay in place all day long and this is one of my favourite makeup products. I keep a hand gel on the side of my handbag so I don't actually have to touch the contents if I need it. And like everybody in the world, my hands have been drier with all the washing so hand cream is a must. I hate most hand creams as I am so fussy but the Glossier Hand Cream is incredible. It keeps the hands soft and hydrated but never greasy. If you want 10% off your first Glossier order you can shop via this link -



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