October Wellness Month with Temple Spa

 - This post contains gifted items - 

I have been really liking the products I have been using from Temple Spa and today I have some products to share with proceeds that go to an incredible cause. For October, Temple Spa is making it Wellness Month. They will be supporting Mind which is an incredible charity and with limited edition two items purchased, Temple Spa will donate money to them. October Wellness Month with Temple SpaOctober Wellness Month with Temple Spa When the REPOSE Night Cream is purchased this month, £6 from each sale will be donated to Mind. And for a limited time, Temple Spa will be thanking their customers for their support by giving them another full size limited edition gift of a second jar of REPOSE! Its buy one get one free so if you already know you like this product, now is a great time to purchase to stock up or to start thinking about Christmas as this would be a great gift. The REPOSE Night Cream features ten calming and relaxing essential oils to help aid for a restful nights sleep. Sleep is really important for my mental health, if I don't get good sleep it really effects me mentally and worsens my anxiety so having products that will help me get a better nights sleep I am all about. 

Temple Spa have created a four-piece collection, With You In Mind. This set is available for £15 when you spent £65 on the site. Included in this set are Drift Away, a relaxing bath and massage oil, Quietude, a mist for the body and your space, AAAHHH!, an instant cooling balm as well as REPOSE Aromatherapy Resting Cream. These mini products have been chosen as there is a close link between sleep and mental health and as I mentioned if I don't sleep well it really affects me. All of these products smell incredible and create a relaxing spa-like vibe in your own home. I really like the mist, I find mists like the Quietude make a huge difference for me at bedtime. 

Temple Spa also sent me the Siesta Forever Candle (£25) and it smells divine. This scent is incredibly relaxing with notes of lavender, petitgrain, geranium, frankincense, chamomile, myrrh, black pepper, dill and patchouli. This is going to be the perfect candle is use while having a bath this Autumn and using a few of the products from the With You In Mind set, to be thoroughly relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep. This candle has good scent throw so it will easily fill your bathroom or bedroom with fragrance. 



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