Jack Wills Christmas 2020 Gift Sets at Boots

I used to be obsessed with Jack Wills when I was a teenager, I must have spent so much money on the hoodies! And for the last couple of years they have has a range in Boots at Christmas time. There is also a men's range but I have all of the stuff that I would purchase myself to talk about today. 

Jack Wills Christmas 2020 Gift Sets at Boots
Mini Body Care Duo £6 - Includes a body spray and body wash in a fruity scent. 

Mug & Socks Gift Set £15 - Along with the mug and socks is some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Body Spray Trio £10 - In fruity, floral and citrus scents. 

Slipper Socks Gift Set £18 - Also comes with a body lotion. I really want these slippers! 

Card Holder & Lip Balm Duo £8.50 - Handbag must-haves! I love the cardholder and I can never have enough of these. 

Beanie Gift Set £20 - Also comes with a fruity body lotion. 

Bathing Gift Set £20 - Includes, body wash, body spray, body scrub, body lotion, hand lotion and a body polisher all in a fruity scent. 

Gym Bag Gift Set £45 - Inside the bag is two scents of body wash and body spray in floral and fruity scents with a fruity body scrub. 

Mini Body Care Tin £12.50 - Comes with a fruity body wash, body lotion, body spray and body scrub. 

Travel Washbag Gift Set £20 - Inside the wash bag is a floral body wash, body scrub and body lotion. 

Scarf Gift Set £25 - Also comes with a fruity body spray. 

Lip Balm Trio £5 - In Very Vanilla, Berry Bon Bon and Fun & Fruity scents. 



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