Lee Stafford New & Improved Hair Growth Range

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Lee Stafford has always been and will continue to be one of my all-time favourite beauty brands. I have been consistently using products from the brand for so many years now and I adore them! They always smell incredible and provide fantastic benefits for my hair. Today I am talking about a range that will help your hair grow if it never grows past a certain length.Lee Stafford New & Improved Hair Growth RangeLee Stafford New & Improved Hair Growth Range The Hair Growth range includes seven products as well as a hair tool and this range has been improved to contain 2x Pro-Growth complex! This complex has been formulated to power and protects hair from within to help it grow longer and stronger than ever before. As the products contain a protein-based complex to fuel follicles, the collection will help create a healthy scalp to help hair to grow faster and reach its maximum length. So many things contribute to your hair not growing from as simple as brushing it to heat damage and colouring. These products are going to help prevent hair breakage and rebuild and strengthen your hair while helping your hair grow past a certain length. 

The first product I have to talk about is the Hair Growth Stimulating Scalp Serum (£9.99). This product is going to encourage growth, strengthen, moisturise and volumising hair while stimulating the scalp. You apply two full pipettes directly to wet or dry scalp and massage in to stimulate and do not rinse out. This product is one that my mum swears by, she has always had thin hair that never grows but this has transformed her hair. It's visibly thicker and the hair that is growing in is incredible! It doesn't leave behind any residue or heaviness in the scalp and hair. 

The Hair Growth Activation Treatment Sachets (£1.99) is also available in a tub for £9.99. This product is to be used every time you wash your hair in the beginning and once your hair has started to improve, it's recommended to use this once a week to maintain your locks. This mask only has to be left on for five minutes and used in between shampooing and conditioning. This treatment works to anchor hair into the follicles at the root and reduces hair fall. This is a best selling product and is one that I have used for years and years so I am excited that the formula is even better as it worked wonders before! 

The Hair Growth Stimulation Scalp Scrub (£9.99) is a pre-wash treatment that you gently massage into the scalp on wet hair to encourage microcirculation and then leave on for three minutes before rinsing thoroughly and shampooing and conditioning. It will exfoliate, cleanse, soothe, remove product build-up and of course, encourage growth. I have only used a few hair and scalp scrubs and they are brilliant for removing product build-up. This is my favourite one I have tried. 

I have been loving the Hair Growth Styling Treatment Cream (£8.49). I have been using this every time I wash my hair before styling and I'm obsessed with it. This is a multi-tasking cream that while encouraging growth, rebuilds the hair, moisturises and products lightweight styling with heavyweight strengthening. This doesn't weigh the mids to ends of my hair down but leaves my hair silky-smooth and is a great styling product! I like to use this before I blow dry my hair and it makes a huge difference. 

There are a lot of hair care brands on the high street (and some luxury brands) that claim to make your hair grow but in reality, do nothing. But I can say with complete confidence that this range works! I used the original products when I was a teenager, specifically the hair mask, and it did wonders for my hair and I have always sworn by the range and recommended it. My mum's hair has never grown past her shoulders but she has been using this range for about six months and her hair is so long now and the longest she has ever had it. So with this range being improved, I can't wait to see even better long-lasting benefits. For both of us, our hair has never been as long or thick and it is so much stronger too. If you have been wanting to get your hair to grow, I can't recommend this range enough. 

Lee Stafford is a cruelty-free brand. 



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