The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch #21: Documentaries & Emily in Paris

It's been a few months since I did a Netflix recommendations post and that's mainly because all I did was watch The Vampire Dairies this summer and catch up on The Crown. Recently I have been wanting a lot more Netflix content, a few of them have recently been in the top ten which always gets me hooked! I love knowing what's currently popular.
The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch #21: Documentaries & Emily in Paris
The Social Dilemma

This documentary has already impacted me and changed the way I use social media and my phone and I highly recommend watching this. This talks in detail about how our data is being used on sites like Facebook and all about the algorithms. They have people who made specific elements for social media companies talk about how damaging they have ended up being, like the Facebook Like button etc, and it was an incredible watch. I have been spending so much less time on social media since I watched this one. 

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

I love true crime which is what this and the next recommendation are. This mini-series has been out for a while but I finally got around to watching it and..omg. I cannot believe it! This follows an NFL player who *spoiler alert* commits murder. And the amount of actual footage they had was eye-opening and also terrifying. 

American Murder: The Family Next Door 

This is one of the most recent true crime documentaries to be added to Netflix and this one put me into shock for a while after I watched it and actually made me feel sick. I had no idea about this story going in but my mum kind of spoiled it for me as she knew about the whole thing from a couple of years ago but just wow. What a piece of shit. 

Emily in Paris

I am so glad TV shows with Sex and The City vibes are being made because I need more of this content in my life! I have been watching this slowly rather than bingeing the whole series as I don't want it to end just in case it doesn't get renewed. I really like Lily Collins and she's great in this. I also love the Paris setting, especially as we can't really travel at the moment so it's hitting the spot! 

What have you been watching on Netflix recently?



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