All the Books I Read in December 2020

 I have had a good reading month this month which I am so happy about! It's been a little hit and miss with my reading this year but I still managed to read over 200 books in total which is ridiculous. I'm always asked how I read so many books and I don't watch a tonne of TV and I am a quick reader. I can't read books and watch a show at the same time and for the last couple of years, I have favoured books. All the Books I Read in December 2020My Brother's Roommate - Kendall Ryan five stars

Layer by Layer - Kaylee Ryan  five stars

Piece by Piece - Kaylee Ryan four stars

Mr Hot Grinch - Lindsey Hart three stars 

Loverboy - Sarina Bowen four stars

Brooklynaire - Sarina Bowen  five stars

Guarding Temptation - Talia Hibbert three stars

Stuck with You: A Christmas Romance - Lara Swann two stars

The Romantic Pact - Meghan Quinn  five stars

Snowed in With the Boss - Lili Valente no rating

Trusting Skylar - Susan Stoker four stars 

The Boyfriend Effect - Kendall Ryan three stars

Office Party - Whitney G four stars

Dirty Doctor - Whitney G four stars



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