Disney Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

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I have always been a Disney fan but ever since Frozen 2 was released, my love has been back stronger than ever. Today I have some Disney gifts ideas that are perfect for any Disney fan in your life. I have a little bit of everything from clothing and books to homewares and jewellery.Disney Christmas 2020 Gift Guide The first couple of items are all from the Shop Disney website which I have been obsessed with this year. This is the official Disney online store and I swear I'm on it at least once a week looking for new items I can purchase. One of my favourite things I got this year is the Minnie Mouse Festive Ears Handing Ornament £13 (this is currently 20% off too). I love how cute this is and there are two other variations that I want to get my hands on. The other item from the site is the Disney Store Micky Mouse Vintage Christmas Soft Toy £27.50. This was featured in this year's Christmas advert which made me all emotional. 

I love Disney clothing and H&M have some amazing items. I have quite a few Disney themed t-shirts that I always wear to work but this Disney Hoodie £24.99 is simple but perfect for any Disney fan. This is from the men's section which I am always shopping in myself! Another H&M Disney find is this Mickey Mouse AirPods Case £6.99. There are two variations but I love this beige one with Mickey on the front. The other clothing item is Levi's X Disney Minnie Mouse Boyfriend Jeans £115. I don't personally wear boyfriend jeans but I know my sister would look fantastic in these! I love Minnie on the leg and this whole collection is great. 

If you have someone in your life with a Pandora bracelet then there is bound to be a charm for you! I have a couple of Pandora bracelets as mine are all themed and I do have a couple of Disney charms. The ones I would love to get my hands on in the next couple of months is the Frozen Olaf Dangle Charm £55, I love Frozen as I mentioned at the beginning but Frozen 2 is actually my favourite Disney movie of all time. Another Disney charm that is so cute is the Pluto Charm £45, he is adorable. 

I read a tonne of books and one of the ones on my Christmas list is The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger. This book would be great for the super Disney fan interested in business and the previous CEO of the company. He is such an inspiring person and I hope to unwrap this in a couple of weeks! 

And finally, I have a couple of enamel pins to share. The Fantasy Magic Key £8 is gorgeous and I love all of the Disney keys. The Disney Castle Ears Pin £8.99 is super cute and I love the balloons on one of the ears. The final pin I have to share is the I Wish I Was at Disney Pin £7 because I really do wish I was at Disney. 



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