Hunter-Bailey Wax Melts

 I love wax melts and most of the time prefer them over jar candles as I like to switch up my scents often and I find the scent throw to be better with wax melts. I'm always looking for new brands to try out, especially from small businesses. My mum actually discovered Hunter-Bailey through Instagram and now we are both obsessed!Hunter-Bailey Wax Melts Hunter-Bailey was officially launched in 2020 and the founder had been making scent home fragrances for around eight years for friends and family and finally decided to bite the bullet and start selling them. All of the products are cruelty-free and ethically friendly which is something that is important to me. I have to say, these are some of the best wax melts I have used in years! I have tried so many different ones, including all of the big-name brands and these provide a better scent throw, lasting power and are more authentic fragrances. 

I have tried out a few of the scents now and my favourite is Snow Angel which is one of the first five Christmas scents from Hunter-Bailey. It smells similar to a Lush favourite and bubblegum goodness! If you love a sweet candy floss scent, you'll love this one. The other Christmas scents are Snowkissed Lodge, Winter Berry, Mulled Wine and Orange & Cinnamon. There are three additional Christmas scents, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane and A Merry Morning. My Mum and I love the Candy Cane scent as we have always been obsessed with anything with peppermint but her personal favourite from the Christmas scents is Orange & Cinnamon. 

The shop is open from 7pm on Fridays to 7pm on Sundays so if you want to purchase this weekend, make sure to set yourself an alarm. The wax melts retail for £3 each, you get ten cubes in each wax melt and I like to use two at a time for the best scent experience.  And while I'm talking about the wax melts, I wanted to mention the wax warmer/burners as they are gorgeous! If you have been wanting to get a pretty one, this site has you covered. 



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