Interior Tips for Renters

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I love homeware and interiors, you can never get me off Pinterest or looking at the new in sections online. We rent our home so we have a few rules and guidelines we have to follow when it comes to decorating. If you are a first-time renter, I have a few tips for you today. 
 For some rental properties, you can’t make any changes to paint colours or making any holes in the walls. But of course, you will want to make the place your home with photographs and artwork which is where Command strips coming in! These will be your best friends when it comes to hanging items on the walls. You won’t need any screws or nails with these and they are suitable to be used for painted walls, tiles, metal and wood. The large strips can hold up to 7.2kg in weight and are easy to remove. You can even reposition them if the frame ends up being a little wonky! 

Speaking of walls, one of the coolest things I found out about is removable wallpaper and flooring! I have even seen some removable wallpapers used on bath panels to completely change up the bathroom. You can also change up your kitchen sides or any side tables and desks with a similar product. There a few different versions of sticky back plastic that you can find at Wilko and Amazon as well as many other retailers and I have often gone for a version of marble as it looks much more expensive than it actually is. It completely transforms whatever you apply it to and it’s pretty quick and easy to use as well.

I like to switch out my accessories every season as I love a theme. And having display cabinets or bookshelves is a great way to change things up. Not only are the pieces of furniture functional and great for storage, but if you add a few accessories it can give off a completely different vibe. You can find these furniture items anywhere but secondhand shops will have you finding a bargain and you could even upcycle it as a home project. 

If you are a homeowner and want to rent out your property, then landlord insurance if definitely something worth researching to safeguard your investment. I always like to find the best deal on anything that I will be spending my money on. Make sure to compare landlord insurance for the best deal for you. 



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