All the Books I Read in January 2021

This year my reading goal is set to 150 books but I am already on start to pass that as I have completed 17% of my goal this month! I do read a lot but I have a lot of free time and don't watch much TV so here I am with 24 books read this month! Not all months are like this but I am happy 2021 is off to a great start. All the Books I Read in January 2021Dirty Secret - Mira Lyn Kelly four stars

The Strike Out - Meghan Quinn five stars

Axel - Samantha Whiskey three stars 

Elijah Wolfe - Sandi Lynn four stars 

Man Candy - Melanie Harlow four stars 

Roman - Samantha Whiskey three stars 

Mason Wolfe - Sandi Lynn four stars 

Combust - K. Bromberg four stars

Restraint - Adriana Locke four stars

Play Along - T.L Swan five stars

The Boss - Sloane Hunter two stars 

Imagine Me - Fiona Cole four stars

Irresistible - Melanie Harlow five stars 

Deep Woods - Helena Newbury three stars 

That Forever Girl - Jill Shalvis four stars 

Revelry - Kandi Steiner four stars 

Ego Trip - Tabatha Kiss four stars 

Act Your Age, Eve Brown - Talia Hibbert five stars 

My Boss's Daughter - Kelli Walker four stars 

The Penalty Box - Odette Stone four stars 

The Best of Us - Kennedy Fox four stars 

The Stud Next Door - Kendall Ryan three stars 

How to Fail at Flirting - Denise Williams four stars 

Paradise - J A Low no rating

What did you read this month?



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