How to Fail at Flirting - Denise Williams | Spoiler Free Book Review

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How to Fail at Flirting was one of my most anticipated reads for the last 18 months and it did not disappoint! We follow Naya as she steps outside of her comfort zone and she meets Jake. Their love story was one of the funniest I have read in a while and was a delight to read even though many parts of the story were also painful to read. 
How to Fail at Flirting - Denise Williams | Spoiler Free Book Review

Let a guy buy her a drink: tick
Try something new: tick
Hook-up with someone: ... not quite

For one night only, Naya's friends convince her to shed her frumpy cardigan for an evening on the town. For once, she'll forget about her demanding job and, with the help of her new to-do list, practice flirting with a charming stranger . . .

Jake might be just what Naya never knew she was looking for. He's sexy, he makes her laugh and he challenges Naya to rebuild her lost confidence.

But the best things in life are never easy, and the complicated strings around dating Jake might just destroy her career. Naya has two options: she can protect her professional reputation and return to her old life, or she can flirt with the unknown and stay with the person who makes her feel like she's finally living again...

My Review

Naya is such a strong woman and I loved seeing her character grow throughout the book. Her ex was abusive and it is covered in the book so if that could be a trigger for you, it is something to keep in mind and be aware of. The abuse she experienced because of her ex isn’t the sole plot of the book but it is a big part of it as you follow her in the aftermath of the following years and interactions with him. Speaking of trigger warnings, this book does include microaggressions of racism as well. All of the trigger warnings can be found on Goodreads.

I loved Naya’s passion for her career and her interactions with Jake, her love interest. They were adorable together and there is so much steaminess. I really liked that this book represented a normal kind of relationship. They meet in a bar and have a one night stand and it all goes from there! They are also long-distance and they have some complications that I wasn’t expecting at all. I really liked both Naya’s and Jake’s friends and the glimpses we got to see of them! They were all hilarious and such great friends to our main characters.
I really liked this book and I can’t wait to read more from the author. While I really liked the writing style and the fact it was written in first person, I would have liked to have had Jake’s perspective. I also found some parts to slow down the book.
I can’t wait to read all the future books from Denise!

How to Fail at Flirting is out now. 



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