Hydrated & Spot Free with Glossier

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A week or so ago, I realised that almost all of the products I use before I go to bed were from Glossier. These are the products that I couldn't be without and I wanted to share them again today. If you haven't tried them out yet, I have a discount code for you and these are some great products to start with. Glossier Discount Code A product that I have repurchased time and time again and one I use pretty much every single day is the Milky Jelly Cleanser. This really is worth the hype it gets and my skin loves it. It's gentle on the skin but always leaves the skin feeling well cleansed but never stripped of hydration. I like to use this as my second step cleanser in my evening skincare routine. 

If I am keeping my skincare simple for the evening, I will then apply the Priming Moisturiser Balance, this is a fantastic day and night hydrator for oily skin. It doesn't leave the skin at all greasy and it really does make a difference at keeping oily skin at bay if you also have the same skin type as me. To finish my skincare for the evening I will then apply some Zit Stick to any blemishes or spots. I have been using this a lot again recently and it's very effective. I like that it contains Tea Tree Oil and Capryloyl Salicylic Acid as these are two ingredients that work well for my skin. 

Multiple times a day I will use the final two products. The first is Balm Dotcom, I gifted three of my friends this product this year as I love it so much! I have had almost all of the variations now but my favourites are Mango and Mint. I use this mainly on my lips to keep them soft and smooth but it also works great on the cuticles and any dry patches. During the winter months and with washing my hands much more regularly, my hands are drier and need a boost. So the Hand Cream is a must-have. I love the packaging of this as well as the fact that the scent lingers on the skin. This is one of the only hand creams that I actually like as it doesn't ever leave the hands with any residue and you only need a tiny amount for each application. 

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