Get Crafting This Valentine's Day

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With Valentines Day coming up in just a couple of days, it’s the perfect time to get a little crafty. I’m not usually one for crafting often but with the pandemic giving me a lot of free time, I can’t stop myself! 

 I’m all for over the top and super cute items that come out around Valentine’s Day and I had a fun afternoon making all of these crafts. These are a great way to share the love this year which is something we all need considering what is happening at the moment. It's also important to stay busy as much as you can while we are all at home. 

Design Bundles sent over some items to get me crafting this Valentine's Day and I had fun making them! Making cards is a staple for the holiday and you can get so creative with them by making them in a simple heart shape or going all out with the decorating in the signature colours. And you can never go wrong with a little bit of glitter! 

With paper cutting designs, it makes things much easier. This is the simple art of cutting paper but without limits! Imagine how much cooler the heart wreath I made (shown in the photo) if I had used one of these designs to create with. There is even some 3D options on there which are so much fun!

Spreading the love this Valentine's Day doesn't have to be with your partner, it would be with your neighbours or friends. You could socially distance drop off a surprise gift or sweet treat or even simply decorate your front door to spread some good vibes to whoever walks past and the postman. 

There are also a few different homewares you can create yourself to add some fun into your home for the season or holiday. I love the little hanging ornament I made by adding some coloured paper to it and a cute ready-made add on! This would also be a fun and easy one to do with little ones. I am weirdly obsessed with the gonk gnomes, I have a few and I was sent over a Valentine's Day themed one that is so cute and I know this will be out on display past Valentine's Day. 

Throughout the pandemic, loneliness is an increasing concern for so many of us. More than ever, we're looking for different ways to spread the love – whether that’s to loved ones or smiles to strangers. If you’re dressing up your doorway, writing cards or celebrating Valentines with a loved one, Design Bundles has tons of tools and inspirations to help action this. They have pledged to be a part of this cause and to help spread positivity through creativity and crafting.

The meaning behind Design Bundles’ share the love campaign is to try and help shine a light in dark times. Spreading positivity and joy is food for the soul, and can be so much fun to dive into. As well as being craft and creation addicts and advocates, they are helping to share resources and helplines to help battle loneliness for anyone in need.  For more information:



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