What I've Been Streaming This Month

 If you follow me on Twitter you will know I have had a MONTH. It's been a weird one and I have spent a lot of my time binge watching and streaming rather than reading like I normal would. I have been watching a random selection of movies and series' lately and they are all ones I recommend.  At the beginning of the month I needed some nostalgia so I rewatched a few of the early 2000's dance movies. These movies didn't get enough credit for the underlying messages in them as rewatching them in my twenties showed me just how impactful they are and I didn't even realise it. I watched Honey which was one of my all time favourites and it didn't hold up all that well and was a little crinegy but I will always rewatch it for the ending and Missy Elliot. I watched quite a few of the Step Up movies and the first one is still iconic. We need more dance movies.  

I may be basically scared of the dark but I do love a true crime documentary. The Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story was an incredible watch, I didn't realise how much footage there was from over the years while she was behind bars. And most recently I watched the Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. I knew nothing about the story in the series or the hotel and everyone seems a little shifty honestly. 

I have always been a Marvel fan but I hadn't watched any of movies from the last couple of years because I take so long to get to things sometimes. But I started all of the movies in phase order and I have been having the best time. They are such incredible movies and I find myself obsessed with Chris Evans far too much when I used to be a Tony Stark fan girl. I'm almost finished and I am dreading watching End Game because I already know a bunch of spoilers but I highly recommend watching them if you haven't seem them all. And while Doctor Strange is very strange it's actually one of my favourites but you have to really pay attention. I can't wait to watch WandaVision in the next week or so! 

What have you been watching recently? I would love some recommendations!



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