Recent Reads #29: Non Fiction Audiobooks

Now that I am fully back at work, I have been getting through so many audiobooks and today I wanted to share a couple of them. I have been loving non fiction lately and all of these audiobooks are incredible and I highly recommend them all. I have learnt so much from each of them and it has sent me on a path of finding more similar reads.Recent Reads #29: Non Fiction AudiobooksJust Mercy: A True Story of the Fight for Justice - Bryan Stevenson

"In this very personal work--adapted from the original #1 bestseller, which the New York Times calls "as compelling as To Kill a Mockingbird, and in some ways more so"--acclaimed lawyer and social justice advocate Bryan Stevenson offers a glimpse into the lives of the wrongfully imprisoned and his efforts to fight for their freedom.

Stevenson's story is one of working to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society--the poor, the wrongly convicted, and those whose lives have been marked by discrimination and marginalization. Through this adaptation, young people of today will find themselves called to action and compassion in the pursuit of justice.

Proceeds of this book will go to charity to help in Stevenson's important work to benefit the voiceless and the vulnerable as they attempt to navigate the broken U.S. justice system."

I watch and read a lot of books on racism and the US justice system but this one hit me the hardest. I listened to the version that was adapted for young adults and it was a brilliant listen. This book was really impactful on me, it also made me so sad and angry throughout. If you read only one book from this post, I highly recommend this one. I will definitely be watching the movie adaptation soon.

How To Be Right... in a World Gone Wrong - James O'Brien 

"Every day, James O’Brien listens to people blaming benefits scroungers, the EU, Muslims, feminists and immigrants. But what makes James’s daily LBC show such essential listening – and has made James a standout social media star – is the careful way he punctures their assumptions and dismantles their arguments live on air, every single morning.

In How To Be Right, James provides a hilarious and invigorating guide to talking to people with faulty opinions. With chapters on every lightning-rod issue, James shows how people have been fooled into thinking the way they do, and in each case outlines the key questions to ask to reveal fallacies, inconsistencies and double standards.

If you ever get cornered by ardent Brexiteers, Daily Mail disciples or little England patriots, this book is your conversation survival guide."

This book was really easy to follow and understand as well as being a very quick read as the audiobook is only a couple of hours and I listen on double speed. I agreed with most of the authors opinions in this and I actually learnt some techniques that I have been using already in those kind of conversations that are much needed to be had. 

Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon - Rahul Jandial 

"For years Dr. Rahul Jandial has transformed the lives of his neurosurgery patients by putting them through 'brain rehab', his specially developed boot camp for restoring brain function. In this eye-opening, informative, and accessible guide, he uses his years of expertise to show how healthy people can rewire their brains to work in a higher gear.

With quick and easy daily exercises, neurofitness will show you how to: boost your memory, control stress and emotions, minimize pain, unleash creativity, raise smart kids, and avoid Alzheimer's.

Using a combination of scientific research, and fascinating real-life stories from his own operating room, acclaimed neurosurgeon Rahul Jandial explains how to boost your brain power for good."

I don't know where to start with this book. I have read over 500 books in the last couple of years and this is honestly the best book I have EVER read. I have learnt so much from it and even though it is a little technical, it is so well explained. I have been annoying every person I know with facts and things I have learnt from the book and I have already implemented changes to my life from it. I loved Science at school but I never got on well with my teachers so I didn't really learn much so this book was like a dream for me to listen to. I can't wait for the authors next book that is out in June. 

What have you read recently?



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