Glossier You Perfume Review (+ Discount Code)

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I adore Glossier and I am always posting reviews of the products I have purchased. And I finally got my hands on the fragrance! I had ben lusting over it since it released last year and I finally treated myself to it last month, if you can't treat yourself for your birthday, when can you?Glossier You Perfume Review (+ Discount Code) The Glossier You Eau de Perfume retails for £45 and comes with 50ml of fragrance. This is said to be the ultimate personal fragrance. I love the bottle of it, when I first saw it back when it first released, I wasn't crazy about the red but it has been slowly growing on me and I love the pop of colour on the cap now. The bottle is nice to hold too thanks to the indent in the front of the bottle as it's the perfect size for your thumb! 

It has scent notes of Pink Pepper, Iris, Ambrette Seeds and Ambrox. All of these fragrance notes combined create a bright, spicy yet clean fragrance with woodsy and warm notes. It has a softness to it which I really like and this fragrance is unlike anything I have tried before. I don't usually like floral fragrances but they have been growing on me over the last couple of years and this is one of my favourites. This scent is used in the body care products from Glossier as well as the hand cream and as I have had most of these products now, the scent grows on me more every time I smell it. I really like how this interacts with my skin and how it changes slightly, it's such a great everyday fragrance! 

This is a fairly long wearing perfume and I love that it isn't overpowering even after quite a few spirtzes. This is the only fragrance I have used since it arrived and I can't get enough of it. It's a great all-age fragrance too as everybody I know seems to like it as long as they like floral scents. My mum adores the fragrance and so does my younger sister so if you are looking for a fragrance to gift, this would be a great option. 

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Glossier is a cruelty free brand. 



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