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I didn't realise just how many romance book series' I loved until recently and then I knew I had to share them! All but one or two of these series' are companion series'. Which means you can read them out of order or as standalone but when read in order, it will enhance each book as you get to see previous couples! These are some of my favourite series' and what I am always recommending. My Favourite Romance Book Series' The first series is The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams. There are four books in total and the first three are out now! Each book follows a different couple and the men read romance novels to help them with their relationships and it's the best! I have a spoiler free review on every book out so far in the series and you can find them here

The Simple Wild is a trilogy by K.A Tucker and follows Calla and Jonah in Alaska. This is an emotional series, the first book made me cry and that rarely happens! Calla is a city girl who travels to Alaska to reconnect with her father who she hasn't had much contact with and she mets Jonah who is a pilot. 

The Playbook series by Alexa Martin consists of four sports romances and they are all incredible reads! I don't like sports at all but I couldn't get enough of these NFL romances. Blitzed is the third book in the series and it's one of my all time favourite books. These books also have a reality tv theme which I am obsessed with, it's similar to real housewives! 

The Getting Lucky series by Meghan Quinn is another four book series and the first book in the series is my favourite book of all time. I need a Griffin! Each book follows a different Knightly brother in Port Snow, they think they have been cursed when it comes to love and each book is so different than the other. I adore Meghan's writing and if you have never read anything from her, I would start with this series. All four of these books are available in Kindle Unlimited and you can also listen to them for free now! Below is a link for 30 days completely free of Kindle Unlimited (providing you cancel before the renewal date). 

If you are looking for romances set in college, I would suggest the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy as well as the spin off Briar U series. The first book in each series is free on ebook! I reread The Deal, the first book in the Off Campus series, last week and it is still a favourite of mine! These are sports themed romances, I am such a sucker for them. 

A YA pick would have to be the DIMILY series by Estelle Maskame. This follows Tyler and Eden and consists of three books and the fourth book is the first book from Tyler's POV. This series is what got me back into reading a few years ago so it has a special place on my book shelves. Eden is 16 and agrees to spend the summer with her estranged Dad and meets Tyler who is her step brother. 



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