Spring Ready Nails with Elegant Touch

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As places start to slowly reopen and we start the new normal, I want my nails to be Spring ready. I love doing my nails and Elegant Touch has always been my go to brand for at home manicures. They are the most comfortable nails I have ever worn and they last for close to two weeks usually! And it doesn't hurt that they are also affordable. Spring Ready Nails with Elegant TouchSpring Ready Nails with Elegant TouchI have three different styles of nails that I will be wearing this Spring and I have gone for tones of blue and pastels. Blue is my favourite colour so I am always wearing blue on my nails no matter the weather but I try to switch up the tone to match the season. The Elegant Touch Blue Steel Nails retail for £5 and are in a short stiletto style. These are a shade of blue that is perfect for every season and I prefer my nails to be on the shorter side because I am heavy handed and long nails usually end up getting in my way. 

Another blue set of nails I cannot wait to wear are the Luxe Looks Miss Behaviour Nails. These ones retail for £6.50 are are in the same style as the previous nails but are a lighter and paler shade of blue with some silver silver accents. 

I really love the Luxe Looks range as the more glitter the better for my nails! The Luxe Looks Champange Campaign Nails retail for £6.49 and are similar to the Miss Behaviour nails but come in a light pink with a hint of peach and some glitter accents. These are almond nails and are longer than the other two sets. 

All of the sets come with 24 nails in ten different sizes to be able to find the best fit for your nails. Also included in the box is a glue which I swear by! It's my favourite nail glue and a firm favourite in my household as we all wear Elegant Touch nails. Whether you want to do your nails for the work week or for a night out, Elegant Touch has a style for you. 


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