All the Books I Read In June 2021 (30+ Books!)

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I didn't realise quite how many books I had read this month until I sat down to write this post! June has to be one of my best reading months of the year! I have been flying through books this month but it has been a couple of weeks since I have had a five star read and it hurts my soul. I always seem to rate books pretty highly so to not have had a five star reading this long is a little shocking. All of these books are romance books so if you need one to read on Kindle Unlimited, this post will give you a tonne to start with! All the Books I Read In June 2021 (30+ Books!)

Becoming Mila - Estelle Maskame five stars 

The Italian - T.L Swan five stars 

Throttled - Lauren Asher 3.5 stars 

Last - Garnet Christie five stars 

Never Say Forever - Donna Alam two stars 

Dr. Stanton - T.L Swan five stars 

Dr. Stanton Epilogue - T.L Swan five stars 

Crush - June Winters four stars 

Meeting Mr Anderson - Elle Nicoll three stars 

Crowne of Lies - CD Reiss 3.5 stars 

Think Outside the Boss - Olivia Hayle three stars 

The Perfect Catch - Meghan Quinn four stars

Mr. Garcia - T.L Swan five stars 

The Sweetest Oblivion - Danielle Lori five stars 

Beautifully Cruel - J.T Geissinger five stars 

Corrupt Kingdom - Ava Harrison 2.5 stars 

Ruthless Creatures - J.T Geissinger five stars 

Cruel Paradise - J.T Geissinger four stars 

Athica Lane - Brynne Asher three stars 

No Gentle Giant - Nicole Snow three stars 

Dead Man Walking - Giana Darling two stars 

Back Skies Riviera - Catherine Wiltcher three stars 

Liar - Fina Cole no rating

Ruthless Stranger - Maggie Cole 3.5 stars 

Grumpy Cowboy - Max Monroe three stars 

Forever After All - Kaylee Ryan three stars 

Captain - Lauren Rowe three stars 

Fake Start - Jasmin Miller three stars 

To Sir, With Love - Lauren Layne three stars 

Rules of Engagement - J.T Geissinger three stars 

Striker - Daphne Loveling four stars 

Off Limits - M.S Parker three stars 

Breaking Rules - M.S Parker 3.5 stars 

Mending Fate - M.S Parker three stars 

What did you read in June?



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