Hello Sunday Now Available at Cult Beauty

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Hello Sunday is a new beauty brand, at least to me, and they are now available exclusively at Cult Beauty which is one of my favourite places to shop for beauty products. I'm really excited to try out some products from the brand in the next couple of months as I love how focused they are on SPF while being cruelty free, having 100% Vegan formulas and is said to be a sustainable brand. 

Hello Sunday Now Available at Cult Beauty
There are ten products available at Cult Beauty but you can buy all of the products from the brand's website as well as some bundles. There is a few different products for the face, body and hands and there isn't a single product that I don't want to try at some point! 

For the face, the first product available is The One That's A Serum (£20). This is a SPF 45 serum with a fragrance free formula that will moisturise the skin while providing sun protection. It's suitable for all skin types and has been formulated to be non-irritating on the eye area. The formula itself has been infused with hyaluronic acid which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. 

Next is the The One That's Got It All £20. This is an SPF 50 primer that offers hydration as well as protection against sun, pollution and blue light. The Take-Out One £14 is an invisible sun stick with SPF 30. I love the idea of this and I definitely want to get one of these for myself! You can use this on the face and body and I love that it's a solid form as it won't spill in your bag while out and about. 

Then there are two of The Everyday One, both are £15 each. These are face moisturisers available in SPF 30 and 50. These are facial moisturisers that will keep you protected while leaving the skin feeling lightweight and super soft. They are fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. 

For the lips is The One For Your Lips £5. This is a clear lip balm with SPF 50 and this product will definitely be in my next Cult Beauty order! There is nothing worse than sunburnt lips! The next product is another that will be in my next order and it's The One For Your Hands £8. This is a hand cream with SPF 30. If there are two places I always forget to apply SPF to it is the lips and hands and I love how affordable both of these products are. 

The final two products are both body care items and they are both called The Essential One and are £16 each. They are body creams with SPF 30 and 50. They have a lime, geranium and mint scent and will keep you protected against the sun without leaving a white cast behind. 

Have you tried anything from the brand yet?

Hello Sunday is a cruelty-free brand. 



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