PMD Silverpure Makeup Removing Cloth Review

 - This post contains a gifted item -

I am always using a cloth when it comes to removing my makeup at the end of the day whether I am using one alone or with a makeup removing product. PMD recently launched Silverpure and I was excited to see how it compared to other makeup removing cloths I have tried in the past. PMD Silverpure Makeup Removing ClothThe PMD Silverpure Makeup Removing Cloth retails for £28 and is said to be one of the most hygienic and sustainable makeup removing options available. This cloth has been infused with silver which is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. The cloth is made up of tiny microfibres that when wet will cling to makeup to gently lift it from the skin.

To use this cloth all you have to do is get it soaking set before wringing out and then gently rub the cloth over the face to remove makeup! I like to use these cloths to remove any face makeup and brow products as I usually apply those much lighter than I do with eye products. I like to go a little heavier with mascara and eye products so I will usually use some micellar water first to remove the first few layers before using this cloth. 

It works really well and is a great size to able to remove a full face. I love how soft this cloth is which makes it a enjoy to use and it really does work well. You don’t have to tug at the skin to remove your makeup. I like that this is a reusable option and is so easy to use but it is one of the more expensive cloths I have used. But as all you need to use this cloth is water, it would be fantastic to travel with! 



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