Hallmark Channel Movie Recommendations #1

It's that time of year again when I watch all the Hallmark and Lifetime movies. I usually only watch the Christmas and Winter ones because it feels weird to watch a Hallmark movie without snow but over the last couple of weeks I have been watching some normal TV movies and I have found some gems! Hallmark Channel Movie Recommendations #1Most of these movies I watched through Prime or through the Hallmark Channel TV channel on Prime, it's around £5 a month if you have Prime but you can get a free trial for seven days. If there is a movie you are wanting to watch from the Hallmark Channel, it's a strong possibility you will be able to find it on YouTube as well. 

I have been on a bit of a Victor Webster movie kick and the first two are with him as the lead. The first is Summer Villa, also starring Hilarie Burton who is an icon. This movie is set in France and follows a romance writer who is suffering with writers block and a chef who is struggling to cope with a bad review and they end up sharing the same summer house. It was SO good, both are good actors which is sometimes a rarity with Hallmark Channel. This one didn't even feel like a Hallmark movie to me.

The other Victor Webster movie I have watched recently is Love Blossoms, this is available through Prime if you have it. This follows a perfume maker who wants to finish a formula left behind by her late father and she gets help from an inexperienced botanist who has a great sense of smell. This movie is a special one because Shantel who stars in the movie and Victor actually fell in love on set and just got married! The chemistry is unreal and I can't recommend it enough. Also if you were a One Tree Hill fan, Shantel was Quinn in the later seasons and I loved her and Hilarie from the last recommendation was Peyton. 

The final movie recommendation I have to share today is One Winter Weekend starring Taylor Cole who is in a tonne of Hallmark Movies and she was also in The Originals for a few episodes  This movie is the first in a trilogy and follows Cara, a magazine writer who is over dating and decides to go on a dating detox. She decides to go on a ski getaway with her best friend and the resort accidentally double books them with two eligible men. If you don't know where to start with Hallmark movies, you can never go wrong with any one of them starring Taylor, she is also in one of my favourite Christmas movies, Christmas in Homestead. 



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