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As I get further into my late twenties, I get more excited about storage solutions and organising than I should admit. Today I am going to share some of my personal storage ideas and some great ideas I have seen online that you might have missed.Home Storage SolutionsI don't have a tonne of my space in my bedroom but I have made use of the space that I do have. I don't own a lot of clothes that need hanging or shoes and I have a nine drawer unit that I wanted but didn't have the extra space for but it actually fits perfectly in my wardrobe. So while I am missing around half of the hanging space in my wardrobe and the bottom of the wardrobe storage that is usually used for shoes, I gained nine drawers of storage as well as storage on top of the unit within the wardrobe! It's been a game changer. 

I like to make the most of any cupboard for storage and get the most out of them. And kitchen cupboards are the bane of my existence. I am always reorganising them to be able to maximise the storage and I finally got some stackable shelves and now I don't have any wasted space in the height of the cupboard. You can find a range of these shelves online as well as in any home store, I got some from a bargain store recently and I can't recommend it enough.  

If you have any bigger items that you no longer need but don't want to get rid of or need storing while moving house, Now Storage offers self storage! Now Storage self storage in Reading is perfect if you are around the area. They can be used for personal and business use and have flexible lease terms with no deposit and no fixed terms which makes moving one step easier. They are available in different sizes to suit your needs as well. 

On a side note, even if you loft space for storage I would still consider getting a self storage unit. In January of this year my bedroom ceiling collapsed, it started as a small crack and one week later I had a six foot by three foot hole in my ceiling and had to sleep on my kitchen floor for a month. It wouldn't have been as much of a nightmare if a good chunk of those items in the loft were in a storage unit so learn from my mistake as they all fell into my bedroom when it came down which was an experience to say the least. 

I am always on Pinterest looking at home decor and new storage solutions and one of my favourite ideas I have found recently is using the wasted space around any door. I have seen some incredible custom build bookcases that go around door frames that you could even add a few plants too or knick knacks. If you have any wasted space, it's always worth looking on Pinterest as you are bound to find a solution!



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