Candles to Have Your House Smelling Like Santa's Workshop

 I love candles, specifically Christmas candles. I pretty much burn them all year round and if you want a certain kind of Christmas scent that you want your home to be filled with, I probably have a recommendation for you! Candles to Have Your House Smelling Like Santa's WorkshopBath and Body Works is now available in the UK at Next which is so exciting and they do have a couple of the Christmas scents available. If you after a Christmas tree scent, then I highly recommend Fresh Balsam. It is my all-time favourite Christmas tree scent and I have been buying this scent in whatever form I can for years! There is also Tree Farm which sounds absolutely incredible. If you want to try a scent very similar to Fresh Balsam, then I cant't say enough good things about the Pacific Wax Co Wax Melts in Christmas By The Fire. They are very similar scents but these wax melts are only £1 a pack in ASDA! 

If you are looking for a candy cane scent, then I have three top picks. The first is the Yankee Candle Christmas Eve Cocoa which is one of the brand new scents for the 2021 holiday season. Another one from Yankee Candle is North Pole, this is a returning favourite and only available in a large jar but it is worth it! This is a sweet combination of vanilla and cool mint and it smells delicious! From Flamingo Candles is Peppermint Swirls which I swear I rave about every year! I wrote about a few of the Christmas scents in this blog post is you need more recommendations.

If you like candles with spicy and warm notes, then these next ones are for you. First we have the Jingle Soy Candle from And Chai. This is a small business and I can't wait to get myself one of these candle soon. Jingle has notes of spiced apple, cinnamon and vanilla buttercream. A scent I am constantly hearing about is Winter from The White Company. It has notes of spicy cinnamon, warming clove and fresh zesty orange. 



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