Christmas Movie Recommendations #4

 Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I hope you are staying safe and getting in the festive period! And if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead. Today I thought I would share a last few movie recommendations if you are looking for something to watch tonight or tomorrow before the big day.Christmas Movie Recommendations #4Christmas is Canceled (Prime Video)

"When Emma's father and her high school frenemy start dating, she embarks on a mission to break up the happy couple after her dad insists they spend the holidays together."

This wasn't the best Christmas movie I have ever watched but I did enjoy is because it is different than the Hallmark and Netflix ones I love to watch. I will say that I hated the daughter for almost the entire movie because she is just plain mean and I was so Team Dad's Girlfriend. 

Single All the Way (Netflix)

"Desperate to avoid his family's judgement about being single, Peter persuades best friend Nick to pose as his boyfriend on a trip home for the holidays."

With the Netflix holiday movies, there is usually an element of cringe within them and I don't usually mind it. However this movie didn't have any! It was a brilliant movie and one of my favourites I watched this year. It's funny and festive and you root for the couple throughout.

Hawkeye (Disney+)

"Clint Barton and Kate Bishop shoot a few arrows and try to avoid becoming targets themselves while unraveling a criminal conspiracy."

If you are a Marvel fan like I am but haven't watched this show yet, I can't recommend it enough. Everybody has been sleeping on Hawkeye as a character and this show is making people understand why he is one of my favourite Avengers. Kate Bishop is a fantastic character and I hope we get to see more of her in the MCU. This is pure festive fun and I can see myself rewatching this every Christmas. 



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