What I Got For Christmas 2021

 I hope you had a lovely Christmas or just a great weekend if you don't celebrate. Today I am really excited to share a few of the things I received this Christmas. I love doing these posts (I love reading them too) and I have been doing them for so many years I don't want to stop now. These posts are also great for me as I have a terrible memory so they are lovely to look back on.What I Got For Christmas 2021What I Got For Christmas 2021What I Got For Christmas 2021One of my main presents from my parents was a Kate Spade Margaux Handbag. I have wanted this style of bag for two years and I waited so long they are now discontinued! I ordered this back in September/October and I got it for a third of the price from The Outnet so I highly recommend that website if you are looking for luxury goods, it's the outlet for Net-A-Porter. I also got a matching makeup pouch and card holder and again, these were heavy discounted and they are still available if you want to treat yourself.

Surprisingly, I didn't receive any makeup products this year but I did receive a perfume that I am so excited about (thanks Mum!). I got the Dior Joy Perfume which I had been lusting over for months. It even has my name engraved on it and it smells incredible. One of the other beauty bits I received was a Bath & Body Works Shower Gel and it smells so good! I got a Tis the Season Candle as well and if you didn't already know, the brand is now officially available in the UK at Next! 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a couple of books and Funko Pops! For books I got two non-fiction books that I will definitely be reading soon. The first is Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of Space X and Telsa is Shaping our Future. I am a big Elon fan so I'm excited to learn more about him and his businesses in this book. The other book is Life On a Knife's Edge by Rahul Jandial. His first book I read was Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon and I absolutely loved it, it's one of my favourite books of the year so I am really looking forward to reading this one. I received quite a few Funko Pops and two of my favourites were Mayor McCheese and Office Big Mac. I'm started to collect the Ad Icons and foodie ones and this is a great start to that collection. 

My friends got me some lovely gifts this year and I appreciate and love them all! Thank you, thank you. <3


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