All the Books I Read in January 2022 (35+ Books)

I have started off 2022 with my best reading month ever. I have been flying through books and I know having read almost 40 books is the amount a lot of people read within a year. But I have been reading around 200 books a year for the last few years so this isn't too crazy for me. Not only have I read a tonne of books, I read so many five star reads and while I give out five stars pretty easily, I read so many books that have become favourites which is rare. 
Romance Books
When Heroes Fall - Giana Darling four stars

When Villains Rise - Diana Darling three stars 

Change on the Fly - Maren Moore three and a half stars 

The Worst Guy - Kate Canterbary three stars 

The Protector - Alexis Winter two stars 

The Score - Elle Kennedy five stars 

Damaged - Riley Edwards three stars 

Last Shot - Pippa Green three stars 

Wrecked - Lauren Asher five stars

My Enemy Next Door - Nicole London & Whitney G four stars 

Redeemed - Lauren Asher five stars (a favourite of the month)

Puck Shy - Teagan Hunter three stars 

Put Me in Detention - Meghan Quinn five stars (a favourite of the month)

Deducing the Doctor - J.A Low three stars 

The Summer Proposal - Vi Keeland four stars 

Things We Never Got Over - Lucy Score five stars 

One of a Kind - Sandi Lynn two stars 

Risky - Aurora Rose Reynolds four stars 

Pause - Kylie Scott three stars 

The Dirty Truth - Winter Renshaw three stars 

Head Over Feels - S.L Scott two stars

Sincerely, The Puck Bunny -  Maren Moore three stars 

Reverie - Shain Rose three stars 

Comeback - June Winters two stars 

The Investigator - Anna Hackett four stars 

Promise Me Forever - Laya Hagen two stars

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Elizabeth O'Roark five stars (a favourite of the month)

Damaged Grump - Nicole Snow three stars 

Ruthless Creatures - J.T Geissinger five stars 

Hook, Line, and Sinker - Tessa Bailey five stars (a favourite of the month)

Juniper Hill - Devney Perry five stars (a favourite of the month)

The Bribe - Willa Nash four stars 

The Bluff - Willa Nash four stars 

Getting Real - Emma Chase three stars 

Bryce - Jeannine Colette three stars 

The Brazen - Willa Nash five stars (a favourite of the month)

The Bad Wedding Date - Vicki James three and a half stars 



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