Nude Nail Favourites from Elegant Touch

 - This post contains gifted items - 

I have been loving Elegant Touch nails recently and I am so well stocked up! Any time of the year I love nude tone nails but especially in Spring. It is coming up soon and I couldn't be any more excited for longer days and sunshine. Nude Nail Favourites from Elegant TouchNude Nail Favourites from Elegant TouchThese six styles of nails are some of my recent favourites and you know the drill by now. I am the biggest fan of the brand and I am always raving about the nail glue! It is by far the best one I have ever used. There is bound to be a style of Elegant Touch nails for you as the range is amazing if you ask me. From different colours and patterns to shapes and lengths, Elegant Touch has you covered. 

The six nail styles that I have to share today have either already been worn or will be in the next couple of weeks. They are all nude themed with different tones and Elegant Touch is one of the most comfortable nail brands I have worn. Most of them are shorter nails as that is what I prefer but if I do find a colour or style I like that is longer in length, they are so easy to shorten and restyle! The styles are:

- Luxe Looks Birthday Suit:
- Coca Crush
- Luxe Looks You Glow Girl
- Luxe Girls Mauve It Girl
- Luxe Looks Tickled Pink 
- Classic Cashmere 

Between these six styles there is hopefully a shade of nude for you. There are neutral nudes, pink and more purple tones and I really love them all. The Birthday Suit nails are one of my top picks because they include different shades of a similar colour and I love the mismatch nail look! The You Glow Girl nails are so Essex and I can't get enough of them. 

Prices of Elegant Touch nails start at around £5.



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