Liz Earle Superskin Microdermabrasion Polish Review

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I am always on a quest for softer and brighter skin. Liz Earle is one of my favourite skin care brands and the new product in the Superskin range really caught my attention as I always love products that can provide salon results at home. Liz Earle Superskin Microdermabrasion Polish ReviewLiz Earle Superskin Microdermabrasion Polish ReviewThe Liz Earle Superskin Microdermabrasion Polish retails for £30 and is an advanced skin resurfacing polish for brighter, younger-looking skin. It's a 3-in-1 polish that delivers both a chemical and physical exfoliation in a nourishing formula to leave the skin instantly youthful-looking and softer. This is a once a week use product that is recommended to be used after cleansing. As product does contains AHAs you should be using an SPF daily to prevent damage. 

I really like the way you use this product. You lightly massage a small amount onto damp cleansed skin with circular motions and then leave on for five minutes before rinsing with warm water and following up with your toning and moisturising steps in your skincare routines. I use this every Sunday and I like that my skin starts off well every week after I use this product! 

The chemical exfoliation is delivered by fruit enzyme AHAs that dissolve skin-dulling particles in five minutes while the fine powdered pumice physically exfoliates away tired surface cells. The texture is very creamy and has been enriched with shea butter and reship oil to ensure the skin isn't stripped of any essential oils. 

I love this product, I am a big fan of chemical exfoliators but I also like that this is also a physical exfoliator as well. While the physical exfoliating texture is small yet gritty, I make sure to go gently with it as my skin can sometimes be a little sensitive. It really does buff away at the surface of the skin to instantly leave it softer and healthier looking. The chemical exfoliation element is something you will notice days after use, my skin looks and feels incredible the morning after. My skin has been looking so much healthier since I introduced this to my skincare routine as well as looking a little more even. You would think a product that provides both types of exfoliation would be a harsh and drying on the skin but it is the opposite! 

Liz Earle is a cruelty free brand. 



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