All the Books I Read in April 2022 (10+ Books)

 This has been my worst reading month of the year so far but I still managed to read more than ten books! Luckily I'm not in a reading slump which is always the worst, especially as a mood reader and I have just been busy with other things!All the Books I Read in April 2022 (10+ Books)

The Detective - Anna Hackett four stars 

The Viscount and I - Julia Quinn three stars 

Jameson Fox - Nina Levine four stars 

Breaking the Speed Limit - Melanie Moreland three stars 

Dating Dr Dil - Nisha Sharma four and a half stars 

Those Three Little Words - Meghan Quinn three stars

Famous in a Small Town - Kylie Scott three stars 

One Bossy Proposal - Nicole Snow three stars 

Reckless - Aurora Rose Reynolds three stars 

Book Lovers - Emily Henry five stars 

Say It's Forever - A.L Jackson two stars 

Terms and Conditions - Lauren Asher (reread) five stars 

A Chance Encounter - Nikki Ash four stars



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