At Home Nails with Cally Cosmetics (AD)

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Over the last couple of months, I have got back into doing my nails again at home either with false nails or gel polish and I have been really enjoying the process. But finding good performing gel polish that is cruelty-free can be a little difficult which is where Cally Cosmetics comes in. 

Cally Cosmetics
Cally CosmeticsCally Cosmetics is a new to me brand but one that makes me very excited. It was created by a woman who wanted to create a luxury salon professional formula gel polish that is available at an accessible price point while also being cruelty-free and Vegan. I really love that the message behind the brand is that they want to empower people to feel good about themselves and believe in their dreams. They are also a company that is educating customers on how to get salon nails in their own home. 

On their website, you can shop all of their products and I love that they offer their gel polishes individually but also in 'Cally Gel Kits'. The holiday season is quickly approaching and The Cally Gel Try Me Kit + UV/LED Lamp set for £64.95 would be such a great Christmas gift for someone who wants to get started with doing their own nails at home. 

There are so many different shades available from stunning neutrals perfect for the workplace and daring darker tones (my personal favourites) for the Autumn and colder months. There are also shades with glitter in and I know I already mentioned Christmas but these polishes would be perfect for the holiday season! One of the issues I have with glitter polish is that it always seems to chip quicker on my nails but whenever I use gel nail polish, it solves that problem. My favourite shades are:

- Disco Pink

- Ruby Rubix

- Queens Crown

- Chocolate Brownie

- Chilli Pepper

- Royal Bleu

A nail trend I have noticed recently is builder gel and Cally Cosmetics has you covered if this is something you wanted to try out! Builder gel has been designed to create a strengthening barrier for the natural nail and will then help extend the natural length of the nail for stronger nails. The polishes are available individually and as part of sets that include multiple shades. 

When using gel polishes, you will always need to use a lamp otherwise the gel polish will not dry on the nails. Always do thin coats and make sure you don't get any on the skin, I always clean up the edges and cuticles before I put my hands under the lamp! 

Doing your own nails at home is not only a fun way to spend the evening, I like to do my nails as part of my self-care routines, but it will also save you money! And in the current climate, I think everybody is trying to save money where they can. Cally Cosmetics has fantastic affordable gel polishes and offers free UK delivery when you spend £25. 



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