Dior Beauty Recommendations

Dior is hands down my favourite luxury beauty brand. I have been buying products since I was about 13 and now at 28, I still can't stop buying products. I share a lot of the brand on my Instagram but as I like to keep things short and sweet on there, I thought I would go into more detail about some of my favourite products today. Dior Beauty Recommendations

Dior Beauty Recommendations
If you have seen one Dior beauty product online, it was very likely to be the Lip Glow Oil. This product had gone viral to the extreme over the past year and a few months ago I was finally able to get my hands on one. It's available in a few different shades, I have the Pink shade and I adore it. I have two favourite lip oils, this one and the one from Fenty Skin. The colour does adjust to your lips and it leaves them so hydrated and looking insanely glossy. 

The Glow Face Palette in 002 is a product that is quite underrated for the brand. I have hit pan, I use it that much and I only got it in the Spring! This palette is available in three different colour variations and I do want to get my hands on the original soon. Each palette comes with two highlighters, a blush and a bronzer shade. These are very shimmery and I love it. These powders look gorgeous on the skin and while the bronzer is too dark for me to bronze the skin with, it makes a stunning eyeshadow!

Speaking of blushes and viral products, the Rosy Glow Blush is another favourite of mine. This is one of my most recent Dior purchases and I wear it almost every day. It's such a pretty pink shade and like the lip oil, it adjusts to your skin. It doesn't look powdery once applied but if pink isn't your kind of cheek colour, it is also available in a Coral shade. 

This last product is a shade rather than a specific product as it is available in a few different formulations. And it's the shade Nude Look, this is a lip colour and it's available in different lipstick finishes, lip liner, lip balm and a few others. This is my favourite nude lip colour, I only have it in the velvet lipstick formula at the moment but I have my eyes on the lip liner and the lip balm! It's the perfect shade that goes with all makeup looks.

If you are wanting to buy some products from the brand, I always recommend shopping directly from Dior. They have an amazing loyalty programme for beauty customers, there is almost always a gift with purchse offer and they have great gift wrapping, samples and free delivery. 



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