Rare Beauty Silky Touch Highlighter Review

 Rare Beauty is by far one of my favourite makeup brands. I have been a fan of Selena Gomez since I was a kid so when the brand first launched, I had to try products and I have so many holy grails from the brand in my collection now! This product is one of the most recent launches and I was so excited to get my hands on it as it sold out so quickly! Rare Beauty Silky Touch Highlighter ReviewRare Beauty Silky Touch Highlighter ReviewThe Rare Beauty Silky Touch Highlighter retails for £24 and is currently available in four shades. I went for the shade Exhilarate which is a light pale gold and I definitely want to get two other shades soon because I have fallen in love with the formula. 

I'll be completely honest, when I saw these highlighters for the first time online I thought they were creams because they are so smooth and pigmented so I was surprised when it arrived and I found out they are actually powders! The packaging is so stunning and matches the rest of the compacts from Rare Beauty however it is a different colour than the cream blushes and it's a lot bigger than I was expecting which I love! 

This powder highlight has been formulated to provide a long-lasting glow that can double as an eyeshadow and will provide a natural-looking glow but can also be applied wet for a more intense look. I fell in love with this highlighter from the first time I applied it to my cheekbones and swatched it! It is pretty intense even when dry and looks absolutely stunning on the skin. It doesn't look powdery or settle into any lines or pores. And it does hold up well throughout the day. I have quite a few powder highlighters in my collection and this is by far one of my favourites for the way it looks on the skin. 

One of my favourite ways to use this is when I want a more intense highlight look is to apply the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand in Spotlight first and then apply this highlighter over the top. It creates the most stunning glow ever! I would like to order the pinker shade of this highlighter soon so I can try it paired with my liquid highlighter from Rare Beauty and see how that looks. 

The Silky Touch Highlighter is available at Space NK and Sephora (it's worth noting that Space NK has it £4 cheaper than Sephora currently does). 

Rare Beauty is a cruelty free brand. 


Watch the reel below to see swatches! 


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