Sunday Riley Good Genes Review

- This post contains a gifted item -  

Sunday Riley is a beauty brand that has been at the top of my wishlist for the longest time. And on my wishlist was Good Genes, amongst a couple of other products! I have been trialing this product since early December and I have been really loving the results I'm starting to see.  Sunday Riley Good Genes ReviewThe Sunday Riley Good Genes (£85) is a glycolic acid so I have made sure to try it for longer than a month to make sure I can really tell you how this works for me, especially as it is a more expensive product. This product is going to exfoliate and brighten the skin while improving skin texture and elasticity. I'm about to enter the final year of my twenties so I am in full prevention mode and this product has been working its magic already. This product is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. 

It has a strong glycolic acid formula that will help to unclog pores, reduce sun damage and slowly work to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. It has been fortified with prickly pear to soothe and calm the skin which is music to my ears! It can be used as a treatment mask if you have sensitive skin or as a serum in the morning and evening each day. I don't have particularly sensitive skin so I have been using it as a serum mainly in my evening skincare routine. 

When you start using acids, depending on which one you are using it will take a different time period before you start to use results. Typically with my skin and glycolic acid, it takes around a month before I see results. With something like salicylic acid it's much quicker for me. 

I have been really loving this serum, firstly, the texture is one of my favourite things about it. It's lightweight and sinks into the skin within seconds and doesn't leave any uncomfortable residue behind. While it does have a strong formula as I mentioned, it doesn't feel that way on the skin. Some acids can sting the skin but I haven't experienced this at all. 

Over the last month and a half that I have been using this, I have been slowly starting to see some impressive results. My skin has never looked as healthy as it does right now. I still have hormonal breakouts but my skin overall looks brighter, smoother and clearer. In my cheeks especially, my skin has never been so even. My fine lines are making a very unwanted appearance already, I am far too expressive with my face, and Good Genes has really helped the lines on my forehead! These are one of my least favourite things about my skin so I'm so happy about this! This is one of the best glycolic acids I have tried and definitely one I have seen the best results from using regularly. 

When using acids in your skincare routines please make sure to use SPF daily. 

Sunday Riley is a cruelty-free brand. 


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