Body Fantasies Perfume Body Sprays

I have been waiting for these to launch in the UK and it is finally here! Body Fantasies are a very popular brand state side, being known for their body sprays. I have always been a big fan of body sprays and favour them over perfumes as they are much more affordable and handbag friendly! These remind me so much of the Victoria's Secret body sprays but better and much more affordable and accessible. 
Body Fantasies Perfume Body Sprays
Body Fantasies Perfume Body Sprays
Launching this month are four different scents to start with from the Body Fantasies line which will be stocked in Superdrug making them so easy to get hold of. There is definitely a scent for everyone and I am in love with all four and have been switching between them everyday. There are Pink Grape Fruit Fantasy, Twilight Mist, Pink Vanilla Fantasy and Japanese Cherry Blossom currently. I love that finally US brands are making their way across the pond, its about time! All we need now is Sephora stores nationwide and Bath and Body Works and I will be very happy! 

Each bottle is there perfect size for your handbag, gym bag or even your school bag. I remember when I was at school I was never without a Hollister spray! My little sister who is at secondary school has already been trying to steal these and I keep catching my mum borrowing them so I would say these are fantastic for all ages. Each bottle has 94ml of long lasting body spray in them, a very random amount I must admit but they have over 500 sprays in them which I think is amazing! For 500 sprays at just £3.99 a bottle that is great value for money, it won't break the bank if you picked up all four scent options too. 

I really like each of the scents but I do have a favourite and it has to be Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy. I have been wearing this almost every day and it has become my go to scent and I have been carrying it around in my handbag too. It has a hint of musk to it and isn't not overly sweet. I have been really enjoying Pink Grapefruit Fantasy for the day time and I would have to describe it as being a perfect mixture of sweet and fruity. If I am going out in the evenings or fancy a scent which is different than what I usually go for I go for Japanese Cherry Blossom and Twilight Mist. I would say these two are the two maturer scents from the four available at the moment. I have been spraying Twilight Mist on my pillows too and it makes my bed smell divine!

For them only being a body spray, they can rival many of my perfumes in my collection in terms of being very long lasting and strong enough that you can actually smell them throughout the day. I can spritz myself in the morning at just before 7am and I can still smell it at 3/4pm, amazing considering they aren't actually perfumes! I hope Body Fantasies bring some more scents over to the UK because I am hooked. 

The Body Fantasies Body Sprays retail for just £3.99 each and will be available at Superdrug. 


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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