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Everyday Makeup Brushes

I organised all of my makeup brushes recently and noticed that most of them actually go unused during the week because I always do the exact same look so I always use the same brushes. I finally decided to split up my brushes into different holders so I didn't have to hunt for the ones that I use every day. These are the brushes that without fail I will use every single day, it may seem a little excessive to use this many brushes for everyday makeup but each of them has a use!
Everyday Makeup Brushes
Everyday Makeup Brushes
Everyday Makeup Brushes
Almost all of my everyday brushes are from Zoeva. I always find them to be incredible quality for the price, they are affordable compared to some brushes on the market. I used to only use Real Techniques brushes but Zoeva knocks them out of the park! For face brushes I have the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish, 116 Teardrop Cover and the 142 Concealer Buffer for foundation and concealer. If I am in a hurry I will only use the Silk Finish brush for both concealer and foundation as it blends everything out beautifully and still provide good coverage. For setting powder I recently switched from the Real Techniques Powder Brush to the Zoeva 90 Luxe Grand Powder and I prefer the Zoeva Brush as it doesn't apply too much powder which the Real Techniques one would do. 

For setting my under eye concealer or applying powder around my nose I have been using the Spectrum Tapered Finshing Brush. Not only is it gorgeous and colourful, it is very soft and applies powder amazingly well. For blush I have been using the Zoeva 96 Luxe Powder Veil as it fits the cheeks perfectly and blends out the blush as you apply it. For highlight I recently switched from a Real Techniques brush to the Zoeva 132 Luxe Powder Finish which is a miniature version of the Zoeva Luxe Grand Powder. 

For eyes I use a lot of brushes, for me anyway, because I like to make sure that I blend everything out and not have any harsh lines. I have two brushes which were from eBay from a set of four for less than £2 which I love. I use one to blend out my Colourpop eyeshadows and the other to apply brow highlight and make sure that my concealer under my eyes is fully blended. For brows the only brush I use is from the Real Techniques Eye Starter Kit, its not the best but I am yet to pick up a different brush. If you have any recommendations please let me know! All of the other eye brushes I am currently using are from Zoeva, I use the 227 Luxe Soft Definer to apply colour to my lids, the 231 Luxe Petit Crease and 228 Luxe Crease to apply shadow to my crease and to blend everything together. 

What are your everyday makeup brushes?



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