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Partylite Spring Candle Accessories

Partylite is one of my favourite candle companies and the Spring accessories are absolutely lovely this year! As soon as the box arrived I knew it was going to lots of exciting and cute goodies. I have been using these for the last couple of weeks and I have been really enjoying them. If you are as obsessed with candles I am, you need to try Partylite! These would make great gifts for Mothers Day or Easter for any candle lover you might know. 
Partylite Spring Candle Accessories
Partylite Spring Candle Accessories
Partylite Spring Candle Accessories
There are so many gorgeous accessories for getting your home spring ready at Partylite. The first thing I have been really enjoying is the SmartScents White Flower Holder £10.95 with the Peony SmartScents Fragrance Sticks £12.95. Peony isn't usually a scent I would go for but I have surprised myself at how much I like it. I have three sticks in the holder, it can hold up to five and whenever I come home my whole home smells of peony! The holder is so simple yet cute and looks lovely sitting on my shelf, this would be great in a bathroom too. The peony scent is described as radiant and luscious with delicate peony blossoms and fragrance rose petals straight from the garden. Which have been combined with green watery notes to make the classic floral into a modern interpretation. As these have no flame or oil required these would be great to provide fragrance to the home if you have young children as you wouldn't have to worry so much. The sticks claim to have up to 30 days of fragrance which is incredible for the price, I must admit I have had mine in my house for a few weeks now and they still smell as strong as the first time I put them on display.

The Butterflies Porcelain Tealight Holders £28.95 are two of the most beautiful tealight holders I own! They are so incredibly well made and so delicate, these would even make good decorative pieces. They are both so lightweight and inside each of the tealights holders is painted pink or purple to match the butterfly on the outside of the holder. I have mine sitting on shelves in my living room but I have been using the Wild Lemongrass Tealights £7.95 in them. Again Wild Lemongrass isn't a scent I would usually pick but it is so engerising and refreshing, perfect for spring! It is described as freshly cut lemongrass and fragrance lily with musk to create a truly exotic citrus experience. This is a new fragrance for Partylite and I have been loving during the tealights in the morning. Each tealight aims to provide you with a massive 4-6 hours of fragrance which is extremely impressive! I think these tealight holders would be a wonderful gift because they are so well made they are going to be able to be used for years to come. 

All of the Spring products and scents are available from Partylite - HERE


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