Everyday Lip Combo

I have so many lip products its actually a problem but not necessarily a bad one! I have been trying to make an effort to use different products and not stick to the same glosses very day. I must admit that I do love a high end lip purchase but I always get so scared to use them up because I know I will end up falling in love with them and want to repurchase them over and over. I have been using these two products most days recently and I love the combo!
Everyday Lip Combo
I had been eyeing the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Liner in Pillowtalk for a few months so when I won it in a giveaway a month or so ago, I was so excited to finally try it out! I haven't ever used a lip liner before I started using this but I have noticed such a big difference and of course, I now want all of the other shades! Pillowtalk is a slightly darker shade than my lips and can be worn on its on. This lip liner is so easy to apply and it makes a massive difference to my lips. I can define my lips and even out my top lip without it looking over drawn and they just look so much bigger and fuller when I use this! It is very comfortable on the lips and holds up extremely well through out day, through eating and drinking too.

I have been pairing the liner with the Dior Lip Maximiser to add a gloss to the lips. This lip gloss is my all time favourite and I know I am starting to come to the end so I need to hurry up and order a backup! It doesn't give the lips too much of a colour, just a very slight hint of pink but it adds so much gloss which is why I like wearing it with the liner. I am not a huge fan of matte lips so pairing Pillowtalk with the Dior gloss is my perfect combination. As this is a lip maximiser, it does make my lips look fuller by plumping out the lines in my lips and giving them a smoother appearance. This gloss feels great on the lips too as it is not sticky and lasts for a few hours on the lips before it needs reapplying.

As this lip combination is quite neutral, I know I can wear it with any makeup look and not have to worry. I definitely have my eyes on a few more of the Lip Cheat's from Charlotte Tilbury, I think I might go for Pink Venus next. The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats retail for £16 each and the Dior Lip Maximiser is £23.50.

What is your everyday lip combo?



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