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March 2016 Degustabox (+ £6 OFF Promo Code)

In this months Degustabox it focuses on breakfast foods and of course - Easter! If you don't know what Degustabox is, it is a food subscription box where each box you receive a selection of food and drinks for just £12.99 a month with delivery costs included (I have an amazing discount code if you have never tried them before too). This months Degustabox is one of my favourites that I have had, so many yummy things!
March 2016 Degustabox
March 2016 Degustabox
March 2016 Degustabox
March 2016 Degustabox
March 2016 Degustabox
The main reason why I like Degustabox is because it forces me to try new things. I am quite a fussy eater and don't try new things often but since I have been getting my Degustabox each month, I have found myself finding new food items that I really like! A few months back the Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks where included in the box and it was something that I would have never tried but I have become obsessed with them. Along with all of the delicious food and drink items in each box is a information card which has a description of each of the products included as well as a recipe idea on the back. 

The first items in this months box were all breakfast related. First up were the Brioche Pastier Pains au Chocolat's (£1.40). I have had this brand before and always liked them so I had these for breakfast on Sunday and they were a hit! The second item in the box were two of the Weetabix On The Go (£1.50 each). I try and eat Weetabix everyday for breakfast but sometimes I am too busy or in a rush to have it so these will be perfect for those early morning starts. The final breakfast related item in this months box is the Db's Discoveries item which is the a2 Milk (£1.39). It is free from inflammatory A1 protein guaranteed. One of the non breakfast food items included is the Kent's Kitchen Stuffing (£1.85). Each pot serves four people and we actually had this with our roast dinner on Sunday and it was really nice and everybody loved it! Also in box were the Karyatis Maze To Go (£1.99). These are perfect for everyday snacking and are in a little box so that you can enjoy them anywhere. 

There were a lot of snack items in this box which I am obsessed with because I love snacks! The first bag is the Metcalfe's Cinema Sweet Popcorn (£1.50). I am not usually a sweet popcorn fan as I much prefer salted but I actually loved this and it tasted exactly the same as what you would get in the Cinema but it is only 93 calories per serving! Crisps are my all time favourite snack and a day doesn't go by when I don't have a packet so when I saw the Pipers Crisps in Cheddar & Onion (£2) in the box it was the first thing I opened to try! These were the tastiest crisps and I will admit that I actually ate the whole bag because they were that good! Next up were two products from Parle, the Hide & Seek Chocolate Chip Biscuits (£0.59) and the Monaco Biscuits (£0.39). Both of these products are from India and I must admit that I didn't think I was going to like them but they were so yummy that I am actually going to track them down and buy more! If I had to pick a favourite I would have to go for the Hide & Seek Biscuits, I loved that they were square and were perfect with a cup of tea. 

There are some sweet treats in the box too, first up are four packets of Chewits (35p each). Who had these as a kid?! I used to have these all the time when I was younger so they were a total throwback, I cant believe they have been around for 50 years now! My favourite thing that was included in the box which box was a Lindt White Chocolate Bunny (£2.99)! I was SO excited to see Lindt in the box as the chocolate is delicious and I hadn't tried the white chocolate before. It lived up to my expectations and was such a nice evening treat, it wasn't too sickly like I find with some white chocolates. Next up are two packs of Rice Cakes from Kallo (£1.89/£1.00). There were two different options included, first the Quinoa and Seed Multigrain Cakes and the Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Rounds. I haven't tried these yet but I will report back on Twitter as soon as I do! 

Each box will cost you £12.99 with postage and packaging included in the price, but if you have never tried Degustabox before you can use the discount code BLDEG15 for £6 OFF! You can order your box and find out more information about Degustabox HERE


This post contains a press sample but all opinions are my own and the items included really are delicious! 


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