Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette (+Swatches)

Last week, Zoeva launched a whole load of new products and this was included in that launch. I have always really like Zoevas makeup products and I do really like the eyeshadow palettes so I was so excited to try out this brand new one! I love having a good matte palette in my makeup bag as matte shades are a must in the crease so I wouldn't wait to try this out. 
Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette
This is the brand new Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette which includes ten gorgeous matte, mainly warmed toned eyeshadows. The palette itself has sturdy black matte packaging with a white building print design which continues inside the palette. The eyeshadow palettes from Zoeva do come in cardboard packaging but I have personally never had an issue with them and I like how sleek they are. A few months ago I got the Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics palette and I thought I would never need another matte palette in my makeup bag but I have actually found myself grabbing this one over the Urban Decay version. I think that this is mainly because it has warmer shadows in which are my all time favourites. 

This palette has been inspired by the calmness and beauty of a night time stroll through the silent streets of a sleeping city. This palette reveals a versatile range of shades for timeless and elegant looks. I feel like this palette is such a good basic palette to have in your collection as not only can you use the shades together to create a gorgeous matte look but you can also combine it with other shadows, maybe with an intense metallic on the lid with the matte shades blended in the crease. Even though this palette does have some brighter shades such as Through the Window, this is a vibrant orange shade, it does have shades that would work with any skin tones or with any looks. 

When I swatched the shadows I was a little disappointed as I was expecting intense pigment. However, when you apply with these with a brush to the eyes it is a totally different experience as the colour payoff is incredible and they are so easy to apply and blend. All of the shadows do have good pigmentation no matter what the shade in the palette but once you apply them with a brush it takes the pigmentation up a level. Each of the shadows is very soft and I noticed that there was very minimal kick up when using a brush. What I love about this palette is that I actually see myself using every single shade whereas with the Urban Decay matte palette I was only using a few from the palette. 

My favourite shades so are would have to be Urban Culture, Eerily Empty and Through the Window. I have actually been using all these of these shades together in the crease with a Colourpop metallic on the lid and I love how they look and work together. I don't think I have ever come across matte shadows which blend as well as the shades from this palette do. 

The Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette retails for £17.50 - HERE.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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