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Elegant Touch Chrome Collection

I am a huge fan of Elegant Touch, they are pretty much the only nails I ever wear and they are killing it with all of the new collections and styles coming out in the next couple of months! I am also super excited about the Christmas ones! These two styles are from the new Chrome collection and they are gorgeous - I can't stop staring at them! 
Elegant Touch Chrome Collection
Elegant Touch Chrome Collection
Elegant Touch Chrome Collection
The Elegant Touch Chrome Collection includes four stunning sets of nails and I am so happy to see they have bought out nails of this trend as I don't have the patience to be attempting to use chrome powders on myself! I have two of the sets available but I need to get my hands on the other two as I know I wear those as well. As always with Elegant Touch nails, you get 24 nails in ten different sizes and the nail glue that I swear by! I know I mention it in every review of Elegant Touch nails that I do but the glue really is incredible, my nails never seem to fall off for weeks! If you are after mirror chrome nails, this is the collection for you! 

The set of nails I have been obsessed with from this collection are the Molten Madame style and these are the more wearable for work out of the two. These nails are a creamy oyster shade with hints of baby pink and lilac. The other set I have are the Mirror Mermaid, this isn't a colour I would usually go for but I adore how they look on! These nails have super high shine and a reflective, futuristic finish with hints of green, black and blue all in one! The Mirror Mermaid nails remind me of an oil slick, I can't get over how gorgeous this collection is.

I have always found Elegant Touch nails to be the most comfortable ones to wear, I have tried a few different brands and they make my nails feel like they are suffocating! These aren't so firm that they feel unnatural when you try to do things with them but they aren't so flexible that they feel like they are going to ping off at any moment. If you find that the length or nail shape isn't right for you, you can easily file them to suit you too. These nails are on the longer side and are more of an almond shape and I find it to be quite flattering on. 

The Elegant Touch Chrome Collection is available at Boots for £8.95 each - HERE.


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