Eylure New Enchanted Collection

You probably know by now how obsessed I am with Eylure lashes, they are pretty much the only ones I wear! I have even converted my younger sister onto them and she wears Eylure lashes every single day. These are the brand new limited edition Enchanted lashes and I have fallen in love with them.
Eylure New Enchanted Collection
Eylure New Enchanted Collection
The new Enchanted lash collection has just launched and includes four gorgeous lash styles. These are priced at £5.95 each and like with all Eylure lashes, as long as you take good care of them you can get many uses out of them. All four of the styles are very lightweight and I find Eylure lashes to be some of the easiest ones to apply. Inside the box, you also get a lash adhesive which is the one I have always used to apply the lashes and it does such a good job. 

The first of the four lash styles from this collection is the Roses & Thorns. These lashes are for a light little lift and have a slightly spiky style and are a great eye-opener. These are definitely the most natural out of the bunch. The second style is the Power Flower, these lashes are edgy and wispy with a whole lot of length! Then there is the Heartbreaker style, these have a criss-cross design with a wispy effect and flirty texture. The fourth style is the Divine Crime, these are long and lush with fluttery segments. 

If you find that the lashes are too big for your eyes, you can easily trim them down (always trim from the outer edge). I have been wearing these so much since they arrived but I think my favourite would have to be Power Flower, I just love a wispy lash and I can't get enough of how gorgeous and full these are. 

The Eylure Enchanted Collection is available - HERE.


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