Fake Tanning Essentials

Now that I have started wearing fake tan again, I thought I would share the products that I use for a flawless, patch-free application. I am quite lazy when it comes to fake tanning so I like to use products that I know I can trust to achieve a good fake tan application which all happen to be from Soap & Glory.
Fake Tanning Essentials
Before I apply fake tan I always like to use an exfoliator to make sure the skin is smooth and ready for fake tan! My absolute favourite is The Scrub of Your Life. I find that this isn't as harsh as some body exfoliators on the skin and doesn't leave it feeling stripped of moisture or uncomfortable after use. It has such a lovely scent like all Soap and Glory products and has notes of fresh bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oak moss as well as amber and woody notes. This scrubs away any fake tan and rough skin so your skin is silky smooth. I like to make sure to pay extra attention to my knees and elbows as this is usually where my tan always ends up having a huge fail.

I must admit, I hardly user used to moisturise my body, mainly because I'm just too lazy for that extra step but also because my skin has never really needed it. But since I have started using moisturiser whenever I remember, my skin does look and feel so much better! For day to day moisturising, I am obsessed with the Smoothie Star Body Lotion and I actually look forward to using this. I love that this comes with a pump as it is so quick and easy to apply to the skin. This is best used after a shower as it melts into the skin and doesn't feel at all sticky once applied but leaves the skin feeling so soft and smooth. This has such a lovely sweet scent which does linger on the skin. For dryer areas like the knees, elbows and ankles, I like to use The Righteous Butter. This is very rich and if you have super dry skin then you would love this. This is much thicker than the Smoothie Star Body Lotion so I only like to use it in areas that are dehydrated as it can take a little longer to sink into the skin.

With my skin ready for a fresh fake tan application, I have been switching between the Freshly Baked London Mousse and the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water. I recently reviewed both of these products so I won't go into too much detail on them but both are great products and give the skin such a great tan. I do find that the mousse is easier to use as it does have a guide colour so if I am in a hurry to apply my fake tan I always go for this one.

What are your favourite fake tan prepping products?

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