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Nails Inc Less Bitter More Glitter Duo

Throughout winter and the Christmas season, I am always wearing red nail polish so as soon as I saw this new duo from Nails Inc, I knew I had to have it! Nails Inc is probably my favourite nail polish brand, the polishes work so well with my nails and this duo is no different!
 Nails Inc Less Bitter More Glitter Duo
 Nails Inc Less Bitter More Glitter Duo
 Nails Inc Less Bitter More Glitter Duo
The Nails Inc Less Bitter More Glitter Nail Polish Duo might be one of my favourites that they have released so far. Blue toned reds have always been a favourite of mine and if I never know what colour to paint my nails no matter what time of year, I always go red. The polishes in this duo are both stunning blue toned reds and I'm pretty sure that I won't be wearing anything else on my nails now until the new year! Besides the nail polishes from Nails Inc being absolutely incredible, I love the fact that they are vegan and cruelty-free, it can be quite difficult to find cruelty-free nail polishes!

Included in this duo is Shake Your Baubles which is a pearly ruby red with tiny micro glitter pigments running through which always catches the light. You also get Get the Party Started which is a fully loaded glitter with a bright crimson base. The swatches of these polishes really don't do these shades justice as they are so stunning. Even though I do own a lot of red nail polishes, I don't have anything like these that are as long-lasting as these are. Both of these shades are very quick drying, easy to apply and last for days on the nails without chipping. Shake Your Baubles has a lovely glossiness to it so it doesn't need any top coat applied over it.

Both of these polishes only need two coats to achieve the colour and boldness that you see in the bottle. I was expecting Get the Party Started to need a red base colour applied before to intensify it but it doesn't need one as it is so pigmented. I also thought that it might have a little bit of a rough texture due to the size of the glitter in it but its surprisingly smooth! I'm obsessed with Shake Your Baubles, I didn't realise it had tiny glitters running through it when I purchased it but its made me love the colour even more. I have been pairing both of these polishes together and I love how they look! I have been applying Get the Party Started to my ring and little fingers and applying Shake Your Baubles to the others.

The Nails Inc Less Bitter More Glitter Duo retails for £15 - HERE.


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