Two Months with RapidBrow

For the last two months, I have been using this every single day to really put it to the test. If you saw my RapidLash review (link here), you'll know how much of a fan I am of that product! I was expecting to see similar results from this product but I have been so impressed!
RapidBrow Review
RapidBrow is an eyebrow enhancing serum that you apply twice a day with a few quick brushes through. It will help to condition the brows while improving the appearing to leave your brows looking more voluminous. I have terrible brows, they have always been small with short hairs that never seem to grow. I have managed to grow them out slightly in the last couple of years but nothing life-changing.

This serum is free from fragrance, parabens and is safe for contact lens wearers while also being cruelty-free. It contains six key ingredients to help the brows from every angle, with Polypeptides, Biotin, Panthenol, Keratin, Apple Fruit Cell Extract and Sweet Almond Extract. Like with RapidLash, I haven't had any irritations since I started using this and only have good things to say about it! I was worried that I would forget to apply it twice a day but I've found keeping it out on the side ensures that I don't forget.

I have been using this for 60 days now and in the last couple of weeks is when I started to see the biggest difference. As my brows have always been quite small and all kinds of rubbish, I never really had to pluck them regularly. I was doing them every 3/4 weeks and even then they didn't really need it. But I have noticed a huge increase in growth and I'm having to do them weekly now! My brows have definitely gotten bigger and the individual hairs have gotten thicker and longer. Towards the tail end of my brows is where I have seen the biggest improvement as that was where I was focusing on applying the product the most. As they have gotten and longer thicker, I don't have to apply half as much product as I was previously which is a bonus.

I really do think that my brows look healthier and they feel so much stronger too. I've even had a few compliments on my brows lately which never used to happen!

RapidBrow retails for £37 - HERE.


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