Up & Coming Spring Interior Trends 2019 (AD)

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies
Gone are the days of spring chickens. This year, bunnies are all the rage when it comes to Interior Design. As the perfect mix of kitsch and cute, these cuties spruce up any interior colour scheme, and many home items featuring bunnies can be found in high street stores and supermarkets such as Asda. If you’re looking to hold a Spring summer party or egg hut, this bunny tea set is perfect!Think spring pastel colours and bunting to top off this trend.

Nordic Earthware

Scandi and Nordic interior design trends have been up and coming for years now. However, year on year the two trends expand and change to create a new look and experience. This year, texture and patterns are seeping their way into the Nordic trend. Although the trend still focuses itself on neutrals, the introduction of patterned rugs and other items really gives the look a pop of intrigue.

Retro Rebirt

The nostalgic rebirth of retro is a huge up and coming trend for interior design this year. This idea of retro fusion combines themes from the 70s with colour palettes from the 50s. Think mustard yellow paired with emerald green and tan leather. Materials in this trend include velvet and Wooden Venetian Blinds. Although mustard yellow has been traditionally paired with Scandi decor, the revival of the retro has impacted its allegiance this year

Sunkissed Tropicals 

In recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence of tropical prints. Traditionally, these are bold and ready to make a statement.

However, this year we’re seeing a more subdued approach to the trend. Subdued palm tree prints, nude pinks and even baby blues are hitting this trend in 2019. Think open spaces, Walk on Glass Floors for extra light and big airy spaces to soak up all of the natural light in your home.

Rugged Earth

Growing on the Moroccan Interior Design trend, the Rugged Eart trend is a collaboration of colours and patterns and welcomes styles and fusions from a number of different countries across the globe. Think patterned glass, burnt oranges and paisley prints.

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel


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