Elegant Touch Loved by Paloma Faith Collection

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Elegant Touch is one of the top brands that I always g for whenever I want false nails! They are so comfortable to wear and I feel like I am always raving about them. For the price, I don't think you can go wrong and they always give you the look of a professional manicure without having to go to the salon.
Elegant Touch Loved by Paloma Faith Collection
Elegant Touch Loved by Paloma Faith Collection
This collection has something for everybody from those who love a natural nail to a bold statement. This is one of my favourite collections that Elegant Touch has done in the last year, I can't get enough and I will definitely be repurchasing a few of the designs. The six designs in this collection are:

- Sweet Dreams: pink and white transparent nails with aztec design.
- Warrior Woman: baby blue nails with pearl accent nails.
- Femme Fatale: classic red nails with floral embellishments for accent nails.
- Love Affair: iridescent pink nails with diamond print detailing.
- Shut Up & Dance: nude nails with jewel embellishments.
- Fearless Feminist: retro gold nails with accent nails

I love the names of the styles in this collection as well as the illustrations on the packaging. Elegant Touch always has some fantastically designed nails and this collection is no different. I like they have included different nail shapes. There are stiletto, almond and coffin shaped nails but you can always file them slightly if you like the design but not the shape. Inside each box is 24 nails in 12 different sizes as well as a nail glue that I am always raving about.

My favourite styles from this collection would have to be Love Affair and Shut Up & Dance, both have different nail shapes. The Love Affair nails have a design on them that can't be done with polish which is what I love about them most. I always get compliments on my nails and asked where I get them done whenever I wear Elegant Touch. The Warrior Nails are lovely for summer, the pale blue really pops and I love the accent nails. I thought the pearls might fall off during the wear but I didn't have any issues.

The Elegant Touch Loved by Paloma Faith collection is available - HERE.



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