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- post contains gifted items -

I love a good face mask and I always find myself reaching for sheet masks as they are so quick and easy to use. I have tried quite a few sheet masks from MasqueBAR now and I am a huge fan so I was excited to try out these two new ones.
The Aloe Vera After Sun Bio-Cellulose Mask is a summer essential, I need to stock up! No matter how much SPF I apply, I seem to always get a little burned and this mask is incredibly soothing on the skin. This mask contains natural Aloe Vera that will soothe and hydrate the skin and it also contains sunflower extract and grapefruit extract. This mask is to be left on the skin for around 30 minutes and my skin felt so much better after use. It was comforted, hydrated and any irritation from the sun burn was minimised. If you're going on holiday, I would definitely recommend packaging a few of these in your suitcase! 

The Self Tanning Sheet Mask really intrigued me! I have seen a few of these self-tanning sheet masks on the market and I was dying to try one out. This one will add colour to the skin while hydrating and brightening. It contains aloe extract, blueberry extract as well as soybean extract. Depending on the level of tan you are wanting will depend on how long you will leave the mask on for. They recommend five minutes for light, ten minutes for medium and 15 minutes for a darker tan, I left it on for around seven minutes and I got the type of tan I had been wanting. You need to make sure that after you remove the mask that you blend it around the eyes, neck and hairline so you get an even tan.  

The MasqueBAR masks are available - HERE



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