My Festive Favourites 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year and I couldn't be any more excited about it! I love sharing my favourite festive things and this year I have narrowed it down to just a couple of things as I could go on forever and ever. 
My Festive Favourites 2019
My Festive Favourites 2019
Every year, I like to buy something that's festive as treat to myself and this year it was the Coca Cola Bear Funko Pop. This is an exclusive but they do ship to the UK and I had preordered it months ago. I love Funko Pops and this is definitely one of my favourite ones that I have bought in the last couple of months. The attention to detail is fantastic and the advert is one of my favourites every year so I knew I had to have him! 

I have a couple of Pandora charm bracelets and I have a Christmas themed one that I like to year all year round to add a little festive cheer. My mum recently gave me a couple of her Christmas charms so it has dramatically grown and I love it! The charms on sale this year are so cute, the penguin is calling my name! I love the Disney Christmas ones too. Last year I wrote a post and showed some of my favourite charms on my bracelet which you can check out - HERE

Fee from Makeup Savvy posted on her Instastories a couple of weeks ago a few of her Polly Pockets and it reminded me that I have a few myself! I pulled out my 1989 Christmas Polly Pocket and it still had some of the little figures in! I have displayed it on my bookshelf with some snowglobes. I can't believe this Polly Pocket is older than me. My final festive favourite is a Christmas Minnie that my Nana got me from Disney World. She is super cute and in the most festive of outfits! I have her on my bed and she looks adorable. 

What are your festive favourites? You can see even more of my festive favourites - HERE



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