Picking the Right Smart Watch

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I love tech! I'm always looking for new products to add to my home and life and smartwatches are one of my favourite things. I have had one for years, I have the original Apple Watch but since that launched, there are so many more options on the market! 
I have had an Apple Watch since they launched in 2015 and I still wear it today. I actually reviewed it back in 2015 and you can check that post out here. I've ended up using the functions that I thought I would never use on it. I like that it has the ability to do so much on it and it's great for keeping track of your health and fitness goals. Ever since I got my watch it has definitely made me want to move a bit more to complete my rings every day. Being able to have my notifications on my watch is so helpful and actually makes me pick up my phone less. 

Finding the right smartwatch for you can be a little overwhelming but Super Watches are a great website to help you find the right one! They compare smartwatches as well as having professional reviews on the site. With Christmas coming up these smart watches for boys would be a great gift. There are so many different smartwatches available for all age ranges! I recently saw online that they have created smartwatches for children with basic functions but the ability to be able to call their parent on it rather than having to have a phone. These watches also have GPS tracking so the parent is able to see the location which is great for kids of walking home from school age. 

There are so many options available now with designers getting in on the tech. Brands like Armani Exchange and Michael Kors have their own versions and Fitbit has extended their product range into smartwatches too. A family member of mine has the Michael Kors one and it's brilliant, it looks so stylish! 

If you do decide to get a smartwatch, make sure that it is compatible with your phone as that's how they usually work. You will need a compatible phone to be able to use a lot of the functions and for example, the Apple Watches don't work with any device other an iPhone. Samsung also makes smartwatches now and they have a really pretty one with a pale pink strap that I have seen online quite a bit. 

Do you have a smartwatch?



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